Who Are You?

  • You have the urge to pursue an idea as an entrepreneur
  • You’re social, selling & stubborn
  • You have the time and commitment to start building your venture with the support and coaching of a seasoned professional
  • You have the inner call to become your own boss
  • You have the drive to work on your own and persistency to pursue a dream
  • You’re open to new ideas, ventures and experiences
  • You’re craving for the excitement, fun, adventure and the hard work
  • Your previous experience isn’t necessarily what will determine your success in this, but rather your personal qualifications and commitment (and a bit of luck)

Why work with Zipreneur? If you want help with new ideas or with the development of existing ideas, and if you want the benefits of a more experienced team as part of your venture – then you should work with us.

Developing a business idea and starting a company means the need of ample knowledge in different situations. Within our team, and then our expanded network, we can help with anything from patents to legal dispute, from branding to global distribution, from raising capital to getting into the right incubator. We will set up the right meetings for you and open the doors for you. We’re not the incubator or accelerator, we’re your own team bringing a vast pool of experience and contacts to the table. And we do this because we share the same goal as you – build a profitable company.