The Story

We are a group of people with plenty of creativity and experience but with limited time. Over the years we have started and/or led a number of successful businesses and invested in others, but we want to do more. We are sure there are plenty of potential entrepreneurs in the world that never actually get started. That's where we come in - we will be the spark that initiates your journey towards entrepreneurship and you are the driver we need to be able to make this happen. When we find the right match - us, the entrepreneur/s and the idea - we call it a zip. Let's zip it!


Our Portfolio

We're proud to present the two start-ups we're working with right now:

Fairtreat HJÄLPER DIG ATT FÅ PENGARNA TILLBAKA PÅ FÖRSÄKRINGEN NÄR DU TAPPAT, FÖRLORAT ELLER BLIVIT BESTULEN PÅ NÅGONTING. Som kund betalar du bara om Fairtreat lyckas få en utbetalning till ditt konto.

We provide applications that can be deployed on COTS smart devices as well as integrated in wearable products to detect fall accidents and predict increased risk of fall accidents.

Upcoming Events

If you are ready to make the leap now, come and join our next event to learn more.

Currently no events are scheduled.